Sad Customer Service

Just wanted to say this somewhere, the lack of customer service at Verizon has always boggled my mind. We have 3 lines, have had our account on auto-pay for Y E A R S and recently my wife's cc was stolen so we canceled the card and replaced it. She updated her payment info on our account but didn't realize that the auto-pay feature was turned off. Our bill went up $30 because of this "mistake" that wasn't her fault, if you want a take away you should have realized that we had auto-pay enabled before and now it was turned off, Verizon should make a point to notify the customer "hey do you realize this is off and will result in increased charges?" Sometimes something as simple as preventing your customers additional charges would go a long way, unless you do this on purpose, which is what I suspect. Anyhow, our bill isn't even due... we don't have an outstanding balance, and my wife re-enabled auto-pay once she realized it got switched off, and tried to get the $30 increase credited back. Evidently this is impossible, even after asking to speak to 3 levels of supervisors nobody thought that a $30 credit for something as stupid as auto-pay becoming disabled due to identify theft, to retain a customer, was a good idea. 

So for this I thank Verizon for not disappointing me. Rarely have I had interaction with Verizon that resulted in me leaving with warm fuzzies and feeling like I was a valued customer.

T-Mobile thought it was a great idea to pay off my wife and daughter's lines, and give me a new phone, all for $30 less per month than Verizon was charging us, plus some other bonuses like free Apple TV for a year and Netflix which my wife and daughter use like it's going out of style which is worth almost another $20 per month. 

For something as simple as a single $30 credit, Verizon lost my business (3 lines), I will be hard pressed to come back knowing how Verizon treats it's "valued customers".


Re: Sad Customer Service
Customer Service Rep

Hasafraker, thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we are sorry to hear about your experience. We strive to make sure all of our customers are aware and take advantage of the available discount offers that we provide. We apologize if your recent experience prevented you from missing the discount when your wife updated her credit card. All of your feedback is appreciated, and we will forward your concern to the proper channels.