Sale associate lie on a device and price, wave restock fee
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How would someone get a restocking fee wavered when a sales associate lied to me about the billing and bundles? I gone to upgrade my android S9 to a new android. As my old one was like 5 years old and going down hill. The sales guy told me that the android watch would be aport of a bundle to my make my bill cheaper. I didn't even want the watch and even said I wouldn't use it. It still in the box. I was told my bill will go from 70.46 to 97.29. But when i gone to pay my bill 164.47! That no where near what I was told. I even got paperwork showing what my price was going to be. And the watch. I feel very lie to and taking advantage of. I feel that one sales associate lied to me then all associates lie. I want to return the watch and not pay for something I didn't want or need when a sales associate pushed it on me and lied about my billing. I don't have the extra money to pay for any of this. Specifically when everything is going up and costing more then it should. I don't think I should pay anything when it was pushed on to me and lied to. 

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Re: Sale associate lie on a device and price, wave restock fee
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Getting a new phone after five years should be an exciting experience, Remmy005. To learn that your experience was less than is unsetting. When purchasing new equipment you're charged a one-time $35 activation/upgrade fee per device/line, additionally your bill may include prorated charges for the new line. To complete your purchase terms and conditions would need to be accepted. 


We do offer a 30-day return period. Have you already returned your equipment & seeing a restocking fee charge, or are you looking to complete a return? Which store did you visit to complete your purchase?