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I have dealt with issues from Verizon for nearly seven months regarding revalidation. I’ve spoken to probably forty employees between managers and even someone who works in the executive office as a senior analyst. It’s quite frustrating that literally thousands of people are complaining about the revalidation system breaking so frequently yet nobody will do anything to help. I have had the sales maker program on my account for years and years now and anyone who looks at my bills can see that and realize I’m not lying to them yet I cannot get any help. 

I received the usual reminder to revalidate and had issues with the site so I called in. Every time I called I was lied to and told I’m validated and good to go. Receive another email and call again and continue to be lied to another three times before my validation dropped. After that I spoke to many managers and was lied to some more saying I’m now validated and wait two billing cycles for my sales maker discount to be reinstated. It’s been seven months and still nothing. Now I’m being told ridiculous instructions by line level phone operators who aren’t familiar with the program advising me to do things that aren’t relevant. I have an account manager who oversees my area of business that I hate to say has been of zero help whatsoever and I can’t simply get someone to look at my account, see that I had the sales maker discount and reinstate it. Such a simple thing to do and I have yet to get one person who is able to do just that.


the validation website obviously isn’t made well and continues to have issues which is clearly fact given the amount of people who have problems on this forum. Everything I explain is the truth and nobody will help. 

what do I need to do to receive help?

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Hello  Jkthissen, we're concerned to learn about your experience, and we'd love to help! Do you have access to InfoManager?