San Jose has horrible coverage in Zip code 95116

I just switched over to Verizon from Tmobile, and the coverage in my area for Verizon is horrible. I have called Verizon several times about having this issue fixed, but their only resolution is setting up wifi calling with my phone and having a home internet service installed. I do not understand why Verizon; being the greatest phone wireless coverage company in this country, cannot have 4 bars in a city that is considered a metropolis-Tmobile gave 4 bars and excellent coverage in my area, but now I am stuck with Verizon because I have already forked out activation fees and am being charged for the first month, too late to back out now. 

Their tier two tech support even suggested I can still cancel service. I think it is funny how they always tell the customer that they are constantly working on expanding services; When Tmobile on the other hand, has 8 times more cell tower developments in the last 3 years combined.

Verizon, I urge you to get off of your ego and pride castle and share a tower with Tmobile or another cell tower in the major cities so that we get the service we are truly paying for.


Lastly, When I asked about Zipcode 95116, they told me many people have already complained about this issue for the past 4 years; What??? "So why haven't you fixed it?" Response: "because you are considered a marginalized area, with no great service." That is the reason I am calling, have you not paid attention to my concern.


I think Verizon should truly look into developing more cell towers in major cities; Especially Silicon Valley, since this is the "tech" capital of the world and should be giving customers 4 bars of service, not one.

Re: San Jose has horrible coverage in Zip code 95116
Customer Service Rep



We don't want you to have any remorse about joining our wireless network. Which make and model phone do you have? Do you notice that service improves when you leave the zip code area 95116?