Sc-ammed out of money by this garbage company
  • Made a payment arrangement to keep from being shut off. Make my payment and my service is still shut off.

What is the point of making a payment if it doesn't keep my service from being shut off?

Why wouldn't it say when you make an arrangement that it would not keep your service from being interrupted?

To top it off, I could not even speak or chat with a live agent to get this resolved?

I'm so completely done with this company.  I didn't really have the money to make a partial payment. Had I known that it wouldn't keep my service on I would not have made it.

Re: Sc-ammed out of money by this garbage company
Customer Service Rep


I am sorry to read that, it is not the way we want you to feel. If you want us to review your account, please private message me.


Thank you for contacting Verizon,