Scrambling the order of my texts
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We are having a 4-way MMS texting conversation;  everyone else's texts appear in the proper order, so the conversation is intelligible.  I type a text in,  and it APPEARS to be going,  and going in the right place in the conversation.... but then,  NO!  It did not actually make it ..... so all my texts appear later,  in a clump,  making no sense at all.  Everybody else is finished.  Makes my remarks look DUMB.  I have a 5G Samsung,  new in 2022.... I have unlimited data from you people.... I have three bars.... why can't you deliver my texts promptly,  like everybody else's texts get delivered?   This has been happening more and more over the past five months.... you can't call that decent customer service.... what ARE you going to do about it?

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I know how important it is to be able to communicate in a group message with friends, family, and colleagues, URannoying. I too would be reaching out for help if I was having the same issue, especially after 5-months. We definitely want to take a closer look into this issue. Can you share with us the nearest cross streets and city where you experience this issue the most? Does this affect all messages, or just some messages in the group thread? What happens when you send picture messages to others?