Searching for specific calls and texts.
Is there a way I can search for texts and calls from a certain number? i need to find out how many texts and calls I have recieved from someone.
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Most of this can be done through My Account. I believe someone said up to the last 6 mos can be still viewed. It is easier to search through calls than it is texts though and searching texts through My Account doesn't give you the content. It just tells you when it was sent/received and by who/to who.
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For voice calls, log into MyVerizon and choose the My Bill tab.  Over to the left under the My Bill tab, Click on Account Summary and then Usage Analysis.  For the Report Type choose Top 10 Most Expensive Calls.  Now even if the amount is "0" for the call, it should sort out the top 10 that you called the most. 


Now for the text messages, it's more trouble then it is worth but you could do it in two ways.  (1) Under My Bill tab choose Bill Details.  Over to the right you will see Voice Details/Data Details.  Choose Data Details.  For your usage type you can set it to All Messaging or you can let it sort them out from Text/Picture, etc.  Once you've choose how to sort the information you can choose to see the information by Date/Time/To/From, etc.  So you can look at the list there or you can download the information into a spreadsheet and I would guess do a search within the spreadsheet to find your information.


Hope this helps.