Seems to be impossible to activate esim

For the past week I've been attempting to bring my partner's phone into my account as a new line. Over the past few years she has had AT&T and she has repeatedly complained about how bad their service is, especially customer service. For four days straight I have been attempting to active her phone on the Verizon network. I have done three or four hour-long chats through the website and I've spent multiple hours on hold without ever actually reaching a human being to speak to. She's now telling me instead I should switch my phone over to AT&T and close the Verizon account because as awful as AT&T's service is, Verizon's is clearly worse. Why is your customer service so utterly broken and worthless?

I'm just trying to activate a phone with an esim. Your website is terrible. Ninety percent of the time I click through fifteen pages, I end up at a  page for activating a regular sim card instead of an esim. If I can manage to navigate to a page with esim instructions, after I enter the IMEI number it says "unable to complete your request, please call tech support" with no explanation. And then a chat window pops up, which I have learned is completely misleading because I can spend an hour talking to them and they'll say the same thing, I am unable to help you, call the phone number. And then I call the phone number and spend two hours on hold until eventually I look up the phone tech support hours on your website and see that they closed half an hour earlier, but the phone doesn't tell me the offices are now closed. And after a week of this I still don't have a functioning phone. You're doing a very bad job.

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