Self serve device mgt DOES NOT WORK
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Why does VZW claim you can manage devices online when you really cannot?

Since COVID, VZW has drastically cut back call center support in favor of customers supposedly being able to manage devices online and / or in the app. IT DOES NOT WORK! 

(I only have iPhones, but that should not matter.)

Last night I needed to move iPhones between phone numbers on my account and re-activate an iPhone 6s Plus temporarily. I followed all the steps and there were glitches galore and the 6s simply did not work. (Short version!)

Fortunately, this morning I got an agent on the phone who knew what she was doing. It took AN HOUR but she fixed everything that I was supposed to be able to do myself online. 

Why offer self service when it doesn’t work? I had all the IMEI and ICCID numbers. I did not swap SIM cards nor need new ones—all devices were VZW purchases.

This is pathetic and unacceptable.


Re: Self serve device mgt DOES NOT WORK
Customer Service Rep

Good day, Poodlemom55. Please be assured that our only goal is to ensure that you always have an excellent experience with all the options we offer, including self-serve options for phone activations (


I'm glad to see that you were able to contact us and our representative was able to activate your device and resolve all your concerns. Keep in mind that we also offer assistance with our Social Media team here, and also via Facebook ( and Twitter ( Have a fabulous day!