Seriously ticked off customer!!
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Why am I being charged and outrageous amount when I have went to theee diff stores and spoke to countless agents in regards to a line that I have that I just found out could have been transferred to my abuser !!!!!! I have made this utterly clear to countless employees at this company and all of a sudden a. Line I’ve had suspended is not the reason my phone is being cut off every other week bc on a fixed income and going thru and extremely hard time I can’t afford to just give you guys the obsene amount of money that’s being charged to my account that mind you wasn’t there before, and also I never even recieved my 150 or 250 dollar rebate gift card I’ve had nothing but issues with Verizon I want to speak to corporate 

Re: Seriously ticked off customer!!
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We definitely don't want you to feel this way. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you and turn things around. I'm sure we can take a closer look into this for you. I will also be sending a Private Note, so we can begin.