Service added onto account without consent
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I went to a Verizon corporate store yesterday to fix my son's phone. Since I'm an account manager they said they needed to send me a request to gain access to the account. I've done this in the past before.

The associate told us his SIM card was bad and needed to be replaced. That's it. He replaced it and told us we should be ok. Not too long after I received a text saying that I have been enrolled in the Home Device Protection. I  never signed up nor was I asked at the store if I would like to sign up!

I've been trying to remove it from my account but have been having trouble. I was told that Verizon came help me and I need to contact Assurion and was given a number to call.  When I called the number given to me it went to some other place entirely! I finally got a hold of Assurion and they're saying they can't cancel it until maybe Monday or Tuesday!

Is this common practice for Verizon staff to add features or add-ons without consent!?! I do not appreciate this, this seems like fraud to me.  Can someone remove this from my account now?

Re: Service added onto account without consent
Customer Service Rep

I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Consent must be provided in order to add services to your account.  For support, please send us a Private Note, so we can take a closer look at this situation.