Service charge when phone wasn’t in possession


Received our First bill after porting 5 lines to Verizon from T-Mobile. 
I understand that the first bill is much higher due to being billed for the current Month and the month in advance. My issue is specifically about the dates being charged.

For example, we placed our Verizon order on 09/29. Our phones shipped a few days later. We stayed on T-Mobile until all 5 new phones came in the mail. I received my new iPhone from VZ in the mail on 10/05. We activated it on 10/07.

On my bill, I have charges from 09/30 to 10/06 for service. My phone was not in my possession and I certainly was still using T-mobile service. Why is the line considered active at a point when we have not activated any phones, and are not using VZ service? Also Why am I being charged for a line at a higher rate (They say only one phone was active so I’m being charged at the $90/month rate instead of $40/month for multiple lines). 

Any help would be appreciated!