Service disconnected day after making payment

On the app yesterday it said I had to make an immediate payment of 177.43 or was at risk of losing service. I made the payment yesterday for 177.43, and the money cleared my account and showed as paid. About 30 minutes ago today when I went to make a phone call, I was redirected to Verizon financial services. It said I made a payment of 177.43 yesterday, but need to make a payment of 360 to restore service. The 360 is the total amount owed, why would it be requiring the full amount when yesterday is said all I needed to pay was 177? Now it wants me to pay 360 on top of the 177 to bring my account to 0, but I wont have the money to do that until Friday. I need to have my phone for work and just made a payment yesterday. When I call financial services it gives me an option to pay my full account balance of 360 or make a payment arrangement. I hit the button for payment arrangement, but then it says that I am not eligible for a payment arrangement and hangs up. I just want to speak to someone from Verizon or their team, I made the payment of 177 yesterday like I was supposed to but my service was still turned off and I'm unable to get through with anyone at Verizon. 

Re: Service disconnected day after making payment
Customer Service Rep

Hello OkayGreat05, we're concerned to learn about your situation, and we'd love to help! We understand it's now Friday, are you still having issues with your service?