Service is Terrible at ATL Airport.

I don't really care about service when I am on the plane... I have read all of those rants already.

Why is there only one bar everywhere within ATL?

IF there is internet, it is usually 3G.

And over all, is it just my phone Note4 or is Verizon just providing poor service all over the country?

I seems where ever I travel Verizon is extremely poor signal strength.

The last year has been the absolute worst. Now that AT-T are in my area, I am considering switching.

I have not had a contract with Verizon in the last few years, but they continue to fleece me for 140.00 every month and continuously provide low bars and slow internet.

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Re: Service is Terrible at ATL Airport.
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I work near the Atlanta Airport, and it's slow in my office as well. So slow sometimes that I can't load/send imessages even without pictures. Now and then it picks up, but it's slow far more often than it is up to regular speed. I wish I knew what the deal is.

Re: Service is Terrible at ATL Airport.
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Data signal near an airport can definitely vary since there are regulations in place that restrict the Radio Frequency power from interfering with airport controls. Take into consideration that there's also increased traffic around airport locations, it would mean that the service will fluctuate especially during the more heavier travel periods.