Service now horrible

Been with Verizon for years. Since covid started, customer support and cell service has gone downhill. I have an IPhone Max and since July or August, I can’t access internet when I’m out and about in the community. It’s not as though I live in the mountains. I used to be able to access internet anywhere I went. I also used to have more bars and months now I only have 2 bars.  Called support and I get”reset your network settings, if that doesn’t work, I don’t know”.  It appears most of customer support work from home and they aren’t accountable to anyone. It’s hard to even get thru and I can’t even speak to a supervisor because everyone works from home. Horrible horrible customer service. If they can’t support customers, go out of business already. If you can’t support cell coverage, go out of business. I’m paying a lot of money for service for what?  Can’t even walk into a store for help. Have to make an appointment. 

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We always strive to provide you with the service you need. Are you only having issues with your data services? Do you happen to know what specific plan you're on?


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What do you realistically expect from a department that's primarily for billing? CS can't fix network problems, their supervisors don't have a fix it button they can press either. If a network reset doesn't work, there really isn't anything they could do. That falls on network engineers -- the ones that have physical access to cell towers.