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Service unacceptable
Enthusiast - Level 2

It takes two weeks or so to go thru the 15 Gb "hotspot".  Makes sense - our

original plan was 30 Gb for the month.

But once the 15 Gb is gone, speeds slow down so bad that I could not even

load this message into a browser.  Or at least I quit after ten minutes.  It

is so slow I can barely run even one device on wi-fi such as my laptop

brought home from work.  If we also try using a tablet - service is

non-existent.  This is not what I was promised or told would be the case

when switching to this unlimited plan.  So after 20 years with Verizon, come

get this router and modem that your C.S. said I needed a few months ago, I

am not paying for it and will switch to a local carrier that offers much

better service.  I will keep the phones with Verizon for now, but that is

subject to change as well.

Advise where to send equipment.


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Re: Service unacceptable
Specialist - Level 1

Once you past the 14 day return period, your're stuck with whatever you accepted the terms and agreements to be it a device payment or 2 year contract. Verizon isn't going to take the equipment back if it's under an agreement unless for extreme cases like death.

On the plans page, it clearly indicates the limits of  hotspot data on all unlimited plan options. It's your choice to not pay, but that will mean a disruption of service for non payment and potentially damaged credit.

Regardless of what a rep tells you, information is readily available online. If 15GB of data wasn't going to be enough, you should have stuck with your original plan.

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Re: Service unacceptable
Enthusiast - Level 2

Nice.  Regardless of what a rep tells me?  If I can't rely on Verizon's reps, then Verizon is at fault and further action may be taken.

Also, how convenient as well that the 15 Gb hotspot ran out on day 15...if it had been day 14, Verizon would already have this junk mailed back.

Re: Service unacceptable
Super User
Super User

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I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Service unacceptable
Enthusiast - Level 3

They use to charge a $50 or $40 hotspot fee just to use the tethering feature already built into the iPhone. This was a fee to use what you already paid for externally which was just taxing.Now they’re capping that with 15gigs and 10gigs. I say if I pay for unlimited service at 4G LTE SPEEDS (with only 22gigs prioritized) I should be able to use it any way I want whether it’s tethered left on by mistake or even gifting gigs to another customer which they do have as an option, so be it, let me live. By the way the unlimited plan has limits.