Share outlook contents with message+ app on phone

I have recently upgraded to Samsung Galaxy S10+.  For the most part the switch ahs been seamless, but I do have a few issues to resolve.

Previoulsy when using my Message+ on my S7, there were names that showed up instead of just phone numbers that are now showing up.  

I'm not finding out where those came from or what I need to load.  It appears these contact names were coming from my accounts from the office.  I have Outlook loaded, but no change.  I am wondering if this was associated with Microsoft Exchange?  I don't have that reinstalled yet.

Any help appreciated

Re: Share outlook contents with message+ app on phone
Customer Service Rep

Hello, rhambrock65. Congratulations on your Samsung Galaxy S10+. We will be more than happy to assist you with this contacts inquiry that you have. To clarify, are the contacts that are saved in the contacts list on your device showing up in the Message+ app when sending and receiving text messages from them? Do these contacts that are not showing up and only displaying their phone numbers contacts that are associated with a Microsoft Exchange account or any account that these contacts might all have in common? BrettA_VZW