Signal Issues 35950 Zip

Email response from the Verizon Ticket entered..

The response I recieved was that the coverage in the area has changed and coverage is now known to be challenged.  They are suggesting that we use wifi calling for indoor coverage improvement and or an extender.  A mobile booster can be used to improve signal in the automobile if the signal needs help while traveling in a vehicle. 

Not exceptable, issue started about 6 months ago.

Started calling 3 months ago.

Been with Verizon for 14 years, I work all over this county, always had great signal,  now there is an issue.

The reply of challendged needs changed to, will we repair the problem.

Whats happened Verizon!!??

And yes, been through many calls with Tech Support.

Re: Signal Issues 35950 Zip
Customer Service Rep

RNesbit, it is our goal to ensure that we have the coverage in all of our Verizon areas however as wireless licenses change, your service can change as well. Have you looked into the options we mentioned with the Wi-Fi Calling or the Extender.