Signal became too low

We got Verizon because we had a great coverage and strong signal at our home. Past a month or two, we noticed that we barely have 1 bar and sometimes calls do not go through due to weak signals. We both work at home and it is critical to be able to receive calls. 

Is there any change of coverage like towers are out/repaired/replaced in our area?

We live East side of Houston, Baytown area. Does anyone notice the same thing from this area?  

If this continues, we will need to switch carrier. 

Re: Signal became too low
Customer Service Rep



This is never the way we want you to feel as it is always our goal to provide excellent service, and we certainly do not want to see you go. We're terribly sorry to hear about the service issues you've been experiencing. Making sure you're able to stay connected is our top priority and we would love to help take a closer look at this situation right away. Where are you located exactly (zip code)? What type of phones do you have? How is the service once you leave your home?