Signal loss in last few days
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Fiancé and I have 2 accounts. 2 cell phones, an iPad, and 5g home internet in our current apartment. As of 3/25, we are getting speeds of under 1mbps on ALL devices. We have called for support on both phones (different accounts) and have not gotten this resolved. One person said the area is fine, we needed to tell this man that is not our CURRENT ADDRESS and gave him the right one about different 5 times. He said it’s probably an issue with our 5G gateway, which makes no sense because our phones only get LTE with the same exact speeds with wifi disabled. I explained this several times. He offered a replacement gateway, which I denied because I’m sure that’s not the issue, otherwise the phones and iPad would work fine. He said he would submit a ticket, and said he was gonna do it anyway to be sure. After I had already explained multiple times what our address was, he sent it to the wrong address, now someone else received our gateway. When trying to get a shipping label to send back, we got hung up on. I’ve spoken to at least 3 different people. I was told it was a known issue. One man said it would be working again 2 nights ago. Another said last night. One man said there’s a ticket, and that this would take 5-7 business days. At this point, I don’t know who to believe, or if anything is actually being done to resolve this issue. <1mbps is terrible, when we rely on VZ for all our internet and data. 85210 area code. And when I am at work, my cell service is back to normal. Something must be affecting signal in the area because this is extremely low when we all have high tier unlimited plans and our 5G internet showed as eligible for our apartment. And an employee said they’ve had other reports. We don’t know what to do at this point. 😕

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Hi there! You always deserve world-class support and service at all times! For assistance please send us a PM or DM so we can discuss this further, and get to the bottom of this with you! Thanks.