Slow speeds in 50662

Here in oelwein iowa with my Samsung galaxy J7 V, download is 0.10 mbps and upload close to 6 mbps. we are on the go unlimited plan

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We understand your concern with the speeds you are experiencing. We want you to have the best speeds at all times. I reviewed your area and I am showing no alerts for Oelwein, IA. I do want to look into this for you. When did you first notice the slower speeds? Any other Verizon users outside of your account experiencing the same speeds? 


I do want to mention a few details about your plan. With the Go Unlimited plan, you are subject to network management. This means in times of congestion, usually during high peak usage times, you can experience slower data than other traffic, with the Go Unlimited plan. You can check out the details here:; (under #1, hover over on the "i" to see details). I believe this is why you are experiencing the speeds. The good news is we do offer a next tier plan called the Beyond Unlimited for $10 more a month that will give you unlimited data with network management once you hit 22gb's of data used per line. Check it out here:*


Please let me know your thoughts on this.  



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