Smartphone Requires Data Plan?

My 89 year old grandpa insisted on getting a new cell phone because he needed a bigger screen. He only needs it for calling and to take pictures. He wouldn't let anyone go with him and I fear he agreed to something he did not understand.  

He now has a Samsung J3 V (I think). It is a smartphone (which he doesnt need) and I've always been told all smartphones require a data plan. Is that true?

He told the sales associate he did not want internet. The associate told him his bill wouldn't change with this new phone but obviously that's incorrect if it's a smartphone requiring a data plan. I just want to make sure my grandpa didn't get misinformed or if I need to go back to the store and get everything straightened out. 

Re: Smartphone Requires Data Plan?
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Smartphones require a data package because they are basically mini computers. Anyone who says otherwise is misleading.


That phone is also $7 a month if he didn't buy it outright. Current smallest modern plan on postpaid would be the 2GB small for $35. Assuming that..this is $35 for the plan, $20 for the line and $7 for the device payment. Stores also are notorious for adding insurance without consent so expect another $13 potentially.


I'd check to make sure they didn't give him a "free" tablet on a 2 year contract too. Elderly at a store is throwing prey to lions that only care for commission.

Re: Smartphone Requires Data Plan?

Bigger screen on a basic phone doesn’t really exist.  So I can see why they sent him toward a smartphone.  Yes, he will be forced onto a data plan.  

Verizon requires data on all plans if serving a smartphone.   At&t still allows smartphones on prepaid plans with no data.   

Re: Smartphone Requires Data Plan?
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Toweryek, making sure your grandfather is paying for what he needs is very important. To answer your question, a smartphone will need to have a data plan to work properly. Are you currently on your grandfather's account as an authorized user? Please check out the following link to get additional information: