So far, EIGHT hours with Verizon Customer Service!

I have spent eight hours on the phone with customer service and I get a different promise or answer every time.  Yesterday, after an hour, they said they'd look into it and call me right back and just never did.  Today I'm told that I have to call back every month and ask for the promo credit to be applied.  RIDICULOUS!  is that eight hours a month?  Or just one hour?  I purchased an iphone 13 in December for $800 and received a trade in promo credit of $800.  Due to an account and billing problem, the monthly promo credit is no longer being applied to my account.  A wonderful customer service and manager assured me I would get it back in April (after 4 hours on the phone) and every month I get billed. Today they tell me I have to call every month and ask for it.  How is that professional?

Re: So far, EIGHT hours with Verizon Customer Service!
Customer Service Rep

LMRI, we always want your billing to be accurate and your issue resolved on the first contact with Verizon Wireless. We know that your time is valuable and sorry to hear that this did not happen. We can review your account here. I am going to send you a private message, please respond to the message. -Pamela