So many spam calls
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Please figure out how to block spam calls. I am not downloading a 3rd party app just to handle robocalls. You have so much money and a monopoly over the industry. You cant tell me that someone cant figure this out. 

Re: So many spam calls
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They do have the ability to stop it.  But it's not in their interest to do so, as they won't be able to prevent other competitors from using the same technique... so they have no business reason to do so since everyone is suffering the same.

And Congress' laws will also have no effect.  

I was getting literally - no exaggeration - a hundred fraudulent calls a day for a phone number I've had for 30 years.  I have managed to chop it down to about a dozen a day or less, but that was from things that I DID and nothing verizon or congress did.

It's funny you posted this... I was writing a similar post and sent it just seconds after you did lol.   Here it is:


Re: So many spam calls
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I would be happy to help! How many calls do you receive daily? Are they different numbers each time? Have you filed for the Do Not Call Registry? MichelleH_VZW

Re: So many spam calls
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I'm sorry. I know you really can't help much, but please push this info up your chain of command.

I am supposedly on the Do Not Call Registry.

I have filed a complaint with the FCC.

I have Verizon's Call Filter app loaded & Enabled. It is configured to auto block at All Risk Levels.

If a call is from my same area code & is not in my contacts, I don't answer.

If I answer an unknown caller id, I only allow a few seconds to hear a voice. I don't wait for the call to be transfered to a call center. Nor do I wait for the recorded spam call to start. I hang up immediately.

So now I am getting spoofed caller id FROM MY OWN PHONE NUMBER. REALLY? You cannot tell me that Verizon's technology can't detect this & automatically block it. This can't be any more stupid.

In November 2018, FCC Chairman Pai demanded that the phone industry adopt a robust call authentication system to combat illegal caller ID spoofing and implement that system within a year.  Your Call Filter app does not come close to meeting that demand.

These robo calls are driving everyone NUTS!!!!! DO SOMETHING VERIZON. Get off you money-grubbing butts & do something that meets "STIR/SHAKEN".