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Dear Verizon Team

Typically, I would send this email privately to a member of your team, but I have been unable to locate an email address after extensive search of your website. As such, I thought it best to post on the forum.

I have been a long-time customer of Verizon – nearly fifteen years!. However, I have been disturbed by some information I’ve learned recently, and I wanted to get the facts before I make a decision about my continued support of your company.

First, does Verizon still utilize prison labor? If so, I have the following additional questions.

  1. How much are inmates paid? Is this prior to a garnishment? If so, what is the wage after garnishment?
  2. What kind of work are inmates assigned?
  3. How much are non-incarcerated people paid for the same or similar job(s)?
  4. Are inmate workers provided masks, hand sanitizer, and recommended physical distancing in their work environment?
  5. Are formerly incarcerated persons able to list Verizon on a resume and provide a contact to attest to their work quality (a reference)?
  6. Does Verizon hire formerly incarcerated people in non-prison labor positions? If so, how are these hiring decisions made?

I believe that working is an important part of rehabilitation and I know that convicted persons with jobs such as those with Verizon are better able to find jobs in the future and are less likely to reoffend. However, I also believe strongly that these individuals should be fairly compensated for their work and that no company should profit unduly from their incarceration. Given the racial inequity in our criminal justice system, it is particularly critical that we ensure that prison labor is used as a tool to prevent future crime and promote jobs skills and rehabilitation. It seems too many businesses in our nation are exploiting our incarcerated population instead of working to establish mutually beneficial relationships. As I strive to improve the intentionality of my purchasing decisions in order to build the society I want to leave for my children, your response to these questions will be beneficial.

Regardless of the answers to these questions, I sincerely hope that Verizon will consider how the impacts the policies and practices you employ can better society for ALL its members.

Thank you for your time.

Elizabeth K, MEd


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Community Leader

This site is primarily a peer to peer public community forum and not a direct link to Customer Service. Even if you do get a response from a VZW rep, it is unlikely that you will get an answer. This looks more like something a public relations person would handle. 

Have you considered sending your concerns as a letter to the correspondence address listed under the Contact Us link?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.