Someone else is using my phone number!

I'm getting calls on my mobile device asking for another person, the same person, and I can see that this person has listed his number online to be the same as mine.

What do I do?

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Re: Someone else is using my phone number!
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Did someone post an ad perhaps, and typo their phone number to be the same as yours?

Re: Someone else is using my phone number!
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STENOV48, we completely understand your concern with receiving unwanted calls. We want to do everything we can to help. May we ask if you know who this person is and if you have any other way of contacting them?

You do have an option to block numbers from calling and texting you here: as well as the option to change your number online in more severe cases. You can learn how to change your number here:


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Re: Someone else is using my phone number!
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I get texts directed to another person and occassional phone calls to same.  Web search found person with my number!  Perhaps the result of an innocent typo at some  point but...  How is this possible and how do I correct?  I have been forwarding all texts to SPAM and blocking all incoming numbers (not possible for group texts) but clearly that doesn't solve the problem of new callers/texters!  Tried calling tech support and got no help.

Re: Someone else is using my phone number!
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