Spam overload

Ever since switching to Verizon from sprint I have had spam call after spam call. I have had 20 calls yesterday all from fake Amazon about a large apple computer or iPhone purchase, which my phone number is not associated with my account. I have spam filter but it does not filter these spam calls out. Very few it will come up as spam but it still goes through. What is Verizon doing that is making it so that we get more spam calls then any other network? Because from what I hear Verizon is selling our phone numbers to people, heard from verizon customer service reps who have personally switched providers because of this. I am on the do not call registry and have been for 10+ years, yes I check every so often to make sure. Verizon does not have my permission to sell my number or give it out unless there is valid court order. Which there is none. 

Re: Spam overload
Customer Service Rep

We know how frustrating these calls can be, Krssymn30. We are happy that you joined the Verizon Wireless family and we want to help you put an end to these calls. We recommend using the Call Filter app to screen your incoming calls. You can find more information on this feature here: