Speak to corporate to complain
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I was sold on a deal with bogo and my trade ins but I an being billed 100% on all lines, my plan is supposed to be $35/mo but it is changed to $45/mo! My first bill was supposed to be auto withdrawal on the 25th and they took it on the 13th! It was two hundred fifty dollars more than it is supposed to be! When I tried to get it fixed I kept getting told how it is and I said obviously How it is is the problem! I saved screenshots of everything. I got left on hold for 20 minutes and they never came back! I initiated a chat and after my questions were asked no one came back to respond!! I filed a complaint with BBB and am trying to figure out how to talk to someone who is going to honor everything promised to me!!!!!!!!

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Re: Speak to corporate to complain
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Hello sasquatchdiehard
We would love to look in to this. What device did you purchase? What plan are you on?