Specific number not recognized on Verizon lines (goes to voicemail)

Good morning,

We have been working with Verizon to try and resolve an issue employees are having when calling out to a Verizon phone numbers. The phone goes straight to voicemail (no ring) and no indication a call was missed. If a voicemail is left, it can take hours to receive the voicemail. 

The employees cannot reach their family when needed. 

All settings have been gone through, the Call Filter app was downloaded and "allowed" the number. 

Several attempts have been made to correct the issue without it being resolved, could we please work with a high tier specialist for resolution on this important matter. 

Re: Specific number not recognized on Verizon lines (goes to voicemail)
Customer Service Rep

Good Morning, carrienettleton77. We're sorry to hear there hasn't been a resolution regarding calls going straight to voicemail without any voicemail notifications. It's important we get to the bottom of this and get this resolved. Just to confirm, is this for a consumer account or a business account? When did this issue begin? Does this happen on all calls or is this sporadic? -Danielle