Spending limit increase?
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I have 7 lines on my account. 1 has a device payment, all others are paid off.

Trying to upgrade all (6) lines to iPhone 14 Pro and Verizon says only 4 as I’ve reached my spending cap.

All devices need an upgrade! I upgraded 4 lines today, but my parents have 6 yr old iPhones and are in desperate need of new devices. Been a Verizon customer for more than 8 years, never missed a payment, never late on a payment, credit score is 780.

I can’t understand why they won’t raise my limit so EVERYONE can get a new phone.

What’s up, Verizon? Is this how you treat loyal, responsible customers? I would really like it if someone could look into this for me.

Thank you!

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I am having the same issue with spending limit. I asked customer service and they said they can not increase my spending limit. We have 12 lines on our account. 4 are paid off. Because of the spending limit and high costs of phones we are unable to upgrade devices. The other key piece is that if I pay off any of the devices with balances remaining, we lose our promotional credits. The credits we earned for turning in our devices that Verizon will "refurbish" and resell (at a profit). So my family and I lose out on the promotional credits which influenced us to trade our older but usable devices or we remain for the remainder of our contract until we have paid down enough to have the margin in our spending limit.