Start Unlimited plan has low video quality
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I'm thinking of upgrading from a Pixel 2 to a Pixel 5.  Do I HAVE to change to the newer Unlimited phone plan?

Reading through Verizon's website, I see that my current plan,  8 GB Plan L, has 720p HD quality streaming.   The fancy Start Unlimited Plan they Verizon suggested to me, is only 480p DVD quality.

So, if I upgrade my phone & plan, I'm going to be watching low quality videos?

Re: Start Unlimited plan has low video quality
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A carrier has literally zero ability to force a video resolution, it's actually dumb it's advertised that way. What actually happens is the amount of bandwidth going through for things like video. I have a lower priced version of Go Unlimited (Start, but with a borderline useless 3G hotspot) and all you have to do is change the video resolution on sites like Youtube.