Sudden loss of reception
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I switched to Verizon over the past year due to it being the only company that got exceptional service in my area (38864) 

Early December (2020) reception became as bad if not worse than AT&T in 38864. The issue isn’t just happening to me, every one in my neighborhood who I have talked to about it has also said they are having the same issues. What was 3 to 4 signal bars of LTE has now turned into 1-2 bars of 3G for EVERYONE with VZ service in my area. We have all called in and received an excuse of some kind.. but it seems that nothing is being done about it. I’ve troubleshot, troubleshot, and troubleshot again. This MUST be an issue with the Verizon Network. The last time I called in, I was told there was a “service ticket” being opened for my issue.. then the next day received an email from VZ saying that coverage in my area was less than optimal. I do not have high speed internet at home. Wifi calling is out of the question. If this continues much longer, I will definitely be switching back to AT&T. At least with them I had service every where but home. I cannot find a number to call for network issues other than 611. Again, this is not an issue with my device, settings, data throttling, etc. this is a VZ network issue for everyone in my area that has VZ.. same goes for straight talk-Verizon. 

Re: Sudden loss of reception
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I am very sorry to hear about the issues in your location. I have reviewed the ZIP Code and it seems you are in a coverage location. I can review the area and ticket you were given. Let's figure out what is going on. Please send me a Private Note to get started.