Sudden no-service in my house.

I have a Pixel 4xl. It is a great phone, and Verizon's service has been pretty good all over the country. I have had this phone since just about the new year and I have had ZERO issues with it. About a month ago my cell service dropped to zero in my house. My phone shows full bars and text messages come though and go out. I can no longer make or receive phone calls in or even near my house, and occasionally my parents will test it out while standing next to me and I will only get their voice mail. Yesterday, I went through Google and got the entire motherboard and antennas replaced and still no service in my house. I have spent 6 total hours on the phone with Verizon that has all ended in them disconnecting me. The only place my phone doesn't have service is in my home, where I have to be considering the pandemic. So far, Verizon's only suggestion has been to buy another phone. What? seriously, my phone works perfectly fine in my home for the 8 months I've had it, my parents phones both work fine, my siblings phones all work fine, all on Verizon and I am supposed to trust that its MY phone thats the issue? I need to replace my entire phone when it makes calls all over the city with no issue but as soon as i return home I cant make or receive calls. God forbid I need to call the fire department or an ambulance. It's not the phone, it's Verizon's service and they aren't doing jack about it.

Re: Sudden no-service in my house.
Customer Service Rep

Oh no, arielwin! It's our priority to provide a seamless network experience and we are concerned to hear that you are experiencing challenges with your data connection. We would love the opportunity to help you in any way we can. Can you tell us a little more? What is the zip code and cross streets of your current location? Besides calls, is any other service being impacted?