Summer 2021 = Horrible to nonexistent service

I have had Verizon for 10+ years, living in the same location.  This year, beginning with early summer, I often have 0 - 2 bars, cannot place phone calls, frequent dropped calls, texts are severely delayed, sometimes coming in 2 hours later and this is from my husband, 20 yards away.  It is a severe downgrade from the service I agreed to pay for.  What is happening?  This is in Oak Bluffs, MA

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Customer Service Rep

A degradation in signal is certainly not what you expect after such a long time of outstanding service, and wanting to know what is happening makes perfect sense. We are here to help get to the bottom of this. Have all the aspects of your account remained the same since this started? For example, the plan  on your line, the phone that is activated, or anything like that. *Stanley