Support ticket poor coverage area

Trying to get some help on a dead coverage area when we are measuring -128dBm.   Support ticket where I have details and gps location/address.  We have a very high density of new construction with many Verizon customers getting poor to no signal.   Not sure the best way to report it   


Re: Support ticket poor coverage area
Customer Service Rep

@JsquaredZ ,

Thanks for sharing these details. Could you share a bit more about where you had received such a ticket number from? I ask because it does not match anything that we use, and looks a lot like the internal number for a troubleshooting session, such as the one you can initiate on your own through our Support page or when contacting customer service. You also mention that you live in an area that does not get much of a signal, if any - how long has that been going on? How far from the location do you go until it improves? I ask because there's always going to be some areas where a mobile signal cannot reach as well as other areas. This is normally caused by factors outside of our control, such as what you see explained here: