Swap Lines

Added a new line to my account, getting a new Galaxy S20 in the process.  Also purchased a Galaxy A12, which was going to be for my kids.  I attempted to swap the phones, so that I could have the more upgraded product, but the customer service rep was unable to solve the issue.  I was informed that the network was down, and that they would call me back later that afternoon.  I never received a call back, and there is no after-hours customer service line.  

Today, I scheduled a call for 10 a.m., and was on the line for over an hour, when the rep finally told me that she was "unable" to assist due to an error.  I was told that she would begin a service ticket ([Edited for privacy]), so that the problem could be resolved.  I was ALSO told that I would have to wait ANOTHER 24 hrs, for undisclosed reasons, for this matter to be resolved.  The rep told me that the person I spoke to yesterday "should have begun the ticket," but "for some reason," did not.  I told her that it seems like everyone is trying to throw their hands up and make it someone else's problem.  I also told her that I would like to file a complaint against the person who wasted my time yesterday by not creating a ticket, but I was told that, because the two reps work in different service centers, I could not speak to a supervisor to do so, but that she would file a request to have yesterday's call reviewed.  Long story short, tomorrow will mark 36+ hours of the issue not being resolved, which I am paying for without the ability to use services.  I was informed when I purchased the two phones that activating the two lines and then swapping them would be a "simple process."  

Re: Swap Lines
Customer Service Rep

Good morning, I hope your Sunday is going well otherwise. I am so very sorry for the issue you are having. This is not the experience we want for you. We will make sure your feedback will be lifted up. I realize it is difficult to wait, especially since you have been waiting so long. However, I am confident the ticket that was filed today will solve the issue. You will be notified when the ticket is complete and the issue is fixed.