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So I was told by Verizon that if I turned in my old phone as part of the promo I wouldn’t pay for my new phone . They took my phone for 49.00 and Now they’re charging me for my phone as well. Everytime I call I get different answers . Anybody have these types of issues? I will unfortunately will have to leave Verizon not by choice but they’re such liars . 

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That is never how we want you feeling about us. We can look into and further clarify the charges at hand. Please, shoot a Private Message our way.


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I’ve had similar issues with my trade-ins - and if you browse these message boards you will see your story echoed again and again.   If we want to be part of the solution I think everyone should report their issues to the regulatory authorities or at least formally escalate them within the Verizon corporate structure.   How many people just get frustrated and don’t follow through and lose our on huge trade in credits?   I suspect it’s a lot and Verizon is pocketing the savings.    They also don’t hold their customer service reps account table for being truthful - and even if you can prove they told you one thing and then they do another - they point to some fine print - disregarding that their own employees are contradicting the “fine print”.    Either Verizon is grossly incompetent or they are engaging in unfair trade practices with is illegal.   Someone needs to get to the bottom of this and protect the consumer.   

I found the following information on Reddit for escalating concerns:

Avoid more endless waste of your time and patience, and get Verizon's attention with a Notice of Dispute and FCC and FTC and state consumer protection complaints (you can basically just rehash this post, though more polished, and paste the content into each complaint):





(Remember, it's cheap for them to waste your time with some low level "customer service" rep. But when your complaint takes up the time of their lawyers and regulatory people, then you're eating up actual money of theirs.)

That will escalate the issue to the right people.

And if that doesn't fix it and give you the opportunity to trade in your old device as agreed, then you can escalate it to a small claims court filing.