Switched from Google Fi - REBATE NIGHTMARE

I switched from Google Fi to Verizon based on a promo that would allow me to receive a digital credit card for my device payoff with my previous carrier. I submitted required documentation to Verizon and it was rejected because of how simple the Google Fi billing statement is. They said it didn't show that I had a device on my plan, that's because Google doesn't; when you get a phone through Google financing it's through a Synchrony Bank from Google and you pay it off there.

I submitted that device payoff statement as well, including an order receipt from Google that showed when I bought the phone, my phone number, and my address and name. All this was still not enough for Verizon to accept it. I was told to drive to a Verizon store, I went an hour out of my way and they said only the phone reps can help.

I called Verizon again, had a 2 hour call with them and even conferenced in Google Fi to a threeway with Verizon, we had it all settled (so I thought) and then no rebate ever arrived. I call Verizon AGAIN for the 8th time and re-explain myself FOR THE 8TH TIME and am told a supervisor will call me, guess what, it never happened. 

I wish I NEVER switched to Verizon, this experience has been terrible. I am at a loss.