Switching to Verizon - a mistake? Buyer beware

I switched from T mobile to Verizon wireless on the assumption that I will get a better deal and get my corporate discount extend it to my new plan. I signed up using chat online. I received my first bill and on my first bill included the $35 activation fee. The agent during the chat session waived the fee. I called customer support to ask and inquire about the bill all the extra fees and the discount that will take to apply the discount and get it extend it to my account however when I called here’s what I found out: 

- The agent I spoke to said there’s absolutely no record off the chat that they can go back to. This is completely deceiving because chat records are documented and saved and can be searched. During the session we actually discussed waiving the activation fees for all new phones. The agent was kind enough within her authority to give me credit for only two of the four phones but not all $140. 
- when I asked to apply my corporate discount which is one of the reasons I actually switched she said that I don’t necessarily get a discount because it does not apply to the plan I picked I picked the unlimited plan. I don’t understand why Verizon will default to all unlimited plans however when it comes to execution they actually don’t extend a discount which is really ambiguous and unclear and clearly undocumented. There is no fine print that says which plans qualify and which plans don’t qualify for the discount. 
- then they messed up up the activation and only activated three phones not for I’m on the fourth phone they told me you get it a bill for it on the next month. 
- when I was talking to the agent over chat online during the purchase process I asked specifically about the corporate discount and specifically asked which company I’m with and what kind of discount I’ll be getting and he said that discount will be applied once I activate the plan or what I have to do is call an agent and then put it into my account. However this does not seem to be the case. 

The agent Said she will  actually escalate to her supervisor on Monday so I’ll be waiting to see what they come back with. 

I’m looking get the full activations fees refunded. I want to make sure there is a discount applied tot he plan I picked. Otherwise I’m back to T-Mobile. And will return the phone I received. I’m still within the 14 days period.