TCC Should be removed as an Authorized seller, PERIOD!!!!
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First off let me start out by saying, had I have known TCC was not Verizon store but a reseller, and done some actual research on TCC instead of Verizon themselves. I would have never walked into that store.. and would have gone the extra mile to go to a what I didn't know at the time a "Corporate Store" location. This is going to be a long read, but trust me... It's TRUTH and worth it, because it will save you the entire pondering I get every time I read someones negative complaint that is half efforted and wondering if they're just being a dumb person.

I am happy with Verizon as a Phone Service provider because the cell service is EXCELLENT. But at the moment I'm completely disgusted with TCC and the treatment I've realized I received. These con-artists are literally the definition of "Car Salesman", but in the Cell Phone field. I am almost ready to walk in and ask for a refund on all things including the phones and cancel with Verizon because of them. Especially considering at this moment of writing this I am feeling like I was entirely violated by this company TCC and taken advantage of almost as bad as a morally bankrupt car salesman is.

I came from being with T-mobile for over 12 years, and had been grandfathered in with a "TRUE" unlimited data plan, no roaming, no cap, no speed cap, NOTHING. With Unlimited everything 4G LTE and Netflix as a Complimentary add on paying the difference. $136.XX a month for 2 lines.

I had switched jobs from one trucking company to another and I had to go to the beach now everyday for my run and back. And on that run, I had literally NO service in between to mention, so what good was the plan if I didn't get reception? I explained this to Robert on the phone 3 days prior. And a customer walked in he hung up explaining he'd call me back. 3 Days later I walked into the store I thought was a Verizon store, as you'll see from the photo I attach that's EXACTLY what this store looks like, it doesn't say TCC in any bold letters or anything noticeable period.

I honestly think he was shocked to see me, but being as how I explained I was trusting him to treat me right and that I was wanting to get a good deal because I'm loyal and hard to change once I'm in my groove, and I'll be happy to pay extra to make it happen. I explained I wanted to go to a bill around 150 MAYBE 175 a month and if it would be possible for a upgrade being as my note-8 and my wifes note 10+ was aging.

Started off wife and I getting exchange rates on our old phones for the new, mine a S22 ultra, and hers the S22+. We were explained that in order to get a trade in value for these newer phones I was required to have the most expensive "get more" and she was required to have the "Play more" plans. I didn't realize it made a difference I reluctantly agreed.

We grabbed the phones we chose because he insured that we'd get a good deal on each, and then started to transfer the old data to the new ones. While we waited he explained to my wife and I that this special charger from Puregear that was on the shelf was required to charge the phones properly otherwise we'd risk damaging these newer phones, because they didn't charge like the old ones. We reluctantly said fine. So that was $30 a piece there.

Still waiting for the transfers of phones to complete he was explaining that my most expensive plan for my phone had its own cell phone towers JUST for that plan. I was thinking "yeah right, more like maybe at best it's own bandwidth or maybe it has top priority. But it's own tower? I was reassured "yes, it's very OWN tower no joke no exaggeration" so I again thought Eh, it's expensive enough I'll take his word he's been patient enough sitting 2 hours with us so far. During which time I was told our bill today was going to include a $70 dollar activation fee $35 each for each phone one time.

I then was told that in order to get device glass coverage I wanted to insure my glass etc that I was required to get a liquid glass protector installed on my phone screen if I wanted to get the insurance for me dropping my phone while at work which was $60 BUCKS! again, reluctantly agreed. Because as phones are getting more expensive 60 is better to spend than 600+ to replace a front screen.

Then once we had our old phones data transferred over, he proceeded explain to us that he would then discount us on our 3rd item each if we both purchased 3 accessory items a piece. I chose a $65 dollar otter box, wife chose a $38 dollar case with flowers. As you can see on the receipt he made sure to show us he discounted the Otterbox, however I missed the fact he didn't discount her case.

I was a gullible because he was being so polite, and I like treating people right if I feel they're treating me right. Keep in mind I work 12-13 hour days for work 5-6 days a week driving a truck at night. My shift was starting at 4PM and I had already been up since 10AM making sure I was able to get this done so I had a phone for the night. I honestly was just happy to have a phone putting complete trust in someone to not bend me over. So I told him to round up the bill to an even $300 as a tip because I was happy I had a phone. He even pointed to the "Setup assistant Multi Line" telling me "he did me a solid and didn't charge me the full $70 like he explained he would earlier".

As I was getting up he explained that because we were new transfers from a first time setup line from another carrier we would be being credited $200 each phone line, towards our next bills that we would see. SPOILER ALERT: We got no such $200 credit to our lines. And also get this, that $70 dollar first time setup fee he said he discounted? Surprise! That was his little fee, NOT the real setup fee for the lines.. Because I'm currently looking at it, and it's now on my bill I am paying Verizon on the actual bill $70, $35 each for each phone on this first months bill..

My phone first phone bill is $299.83!!!!!!!! YAY ME! I went from $136 a month to OVER DOUBLE what I was paying. And get this my next bill after that is $210.60 for 2 phones! He told me my first bill was going to be higher because of "taxes" and "initial costs"..

So, here we are it's now a little over a week, and I'm sitting here wondering how he managed to tack on so many expense in just ACCESSORIES making me think that the entire $300 out of my pocket was also including things like what are currently in my bill like a setup fee!

I AM BEGGING everyone here DO NOT EVER GO INTO A T.C.C STORE PERIOD!!!!!!!! WATCH out and make sure you're in a CORPORATE STORE! Because they did NOT during that entire interaction explain that they were a reseller, UNTIL THE VERY, VERY LAST second I got the receipt when I asked was TCC stood for.. only did they "Oh yeah, by the way we are just a reseller"..

Now I'm here using my time and I am doing it at the expense of my 6 hours a night I get for myself to sleep. But you know what? it's worth it, because I refuse to walk into that store again to talk to any of them out of fear of getting assault charges on myself. I am so angry at that man for violating my wallet like he did. ESPECIALLY when a guy like me has no reluctance to give even more money for a HONEST job well done. But instead he took me for a fool that he thought was a easy target. In my view of him he's no better than a pick pocket looking for a mark using white collar crime.

Fronts of their stores look like legit VERIZON stores and not some reseller:

My Receipt: Removed obvious stuff for identity protection

Re: TCC Should be removed as an Authorized seller, PERIOD!!!!
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Thank you so much for bringing this issue to us, that's definitely not the way we want you to feel about us. We appreciate your feedback and will be happy to help with your Verizon service. Please PM me, so we can address all your concerns properly.