TCC Store upcharging phones?

Are the TCC authorized stores allowed to upcharge phones?

I was charged $100 more per phone than what is listed on the Verizon website. I was told I had to pay $100 upfront but that it would be applied to the cost of the phone. This $100 is in addition to the $80 in THEIR ridiculous fees, plus the tax (which I'm ok with).  Verizon website shows phone price of $799.95. I was charged a "List price" of $910. My contract does not show any type of "down payment" in the space provided for one and shows my phone cost of $810.

I do blame myself for not looking into this further at the time however, I asked 2 employees probably 5 times to again, please explain this $100 because I have never had to pay anything up front besides taxes before.  The service reps were friendly, seemed knowledgeable and, like a fool, I believed them. The whole process to buy and transfer 2 phones took 4 hours so I when we were finally finished, I was just ready to go. I didn't look over my paperwork in detail until the next morning.

I will NEVER buy another thing from an independent retailer. 

Re: TCC Store upcharging phones?
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We always want your upgrade experience to be a pleasant one no matter where you visit. However, independent retailers or indirect store locations can have their own requirements which include fees and promotions. We wouldn't want this to take away from you enjoying your service with us. Is there a reason that you did not purchase the device through us directly? -Rita K.

Re: TCC Store upcharging phones?
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Always go to a verizon corporate store in the future.