TERRIBLE cell service. TERRIBLE customer service.

We've been Verizon customers for over 10 years now. Before that we were AT&T customers for over 10 years.

I have worked from home full time for just over 3 years now. Where I live, fiber is not an option for internet yet.

I pay between $300 to well over $500/month on phone plans for 3 iPhones, one iPad, 3 Apple Watches, and a hotspot. One iPhone, the iPad and the hotspot plans are maxed out so I get as much hotspot data as possible (60 gig total). Depending on the month, and how many meetings I have, the price can get outrageous! (Of course they don't allow us to pay for larger monthly hot spot allowances)

Over the past year and a half-ish, service has become terrible to completely unusable most of the time. There is one room (my home office) that gets barely workable service. Even with 3-4 bars LTE, web pages will time out, videos won't stream, etc, etc. EVERY time I call customer service I spend about an hour waiting and then explaining what's going on, then troubleshooting all of my devices to confirm it isn't them, they tell me that there is an issue with our cell tower that should be resolved in 24-48 hours. Thank you - the end. EVERY. TIME. It is the same song and dance over, and over, and over, and over.

In a few weeks, our county will have completed running fiber and we will be able to purchase wifi for our home. Fingers crossed they get it done even sooner. Then I'll be able to save HUNDREDS of dollars a month!

I'm only sitting here writing this because it relieves the stress caused by my hotspot currently showing there's no connection even though every other device I own has 2-4 bars LTE. I'd prefer not to talk to customer service again and hear that my cell tower has another problem that will be fixed in 24-48 hours.

Re: TERRIBLE cell service. TERRIBLE customer service.
Customer Service Rep

We're right here to help you, and we can definitely troubleshoot your hotspot. You mentioned you didn't want any additional assistance, but I want you to know I'm more than happy to take a closer look into what's going on. Please let me know if you would like to proceed, thanks!  -Jordan