TERRIBLE experience transferring existing VZW to my family’s plan

My husband and I recently purchased new devices and he wanted to get onto my family plan (off of his former Verizon account), and wanted to keep his number. We purchased our devices at Best Buy on 12/28 and were told by a VZW agent that we would need to take on a temporary number and my husband would have to wait for his existing number to transfer to our account. Since then, we’ve spent 10+ hours on the phone, countless hours on the internet, and so so much time in the app trying unsuccessfully to complete the transfer and update his device. Now my family plan FINALLY has the number we wanted on the plan, but we CANNOT manage our devices, CANNOT remove the “temporary” line, and have pretty much had it with VZW’s customer service. We spent a premium on the new devices and our phone plan is expensive as well. I’m really disappointed in the lack of coordination, guidance, and assistance from VZW and am seriously considering switching to another carrier and returning our new phones. BRB, gotta go wait on hold for another 4 hours and try not to gouge my eyes out. 

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Kateweed63. We know how important it is to be able to manage your account. To remove a line from your account, Customer Service assistance is needed. Transfer of services between two Verizon accounts never requires a temporary number (Only port ins from other carriers).  The My Verizon issue you have described, may be an issue with the profile being under Account member. Account Managers and Account Owners can fully manager a account. With all this said, we can resolve this issue for here. To get started, we have sent you a Private Note. *Cassie