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I am beyond frustrated! Like so many others on this board, I have been unable to get my promotion honored by Verizon. I attempted to take advantage of the $579.99 trade in promotion for an iPhone 12. The purchase process and in store pick up were easy but that is as far as I've gotten. First, the trade in mailer was sent to the wrong address. We reached out to get a new one sent to the correct address. It never came. We reached out again. Still nothing came. Finally after a third time, I was emailed a shipping label. After all of that, Verizon finally received the trade in only to give me a $67 credit, a far cry from what I was expecting. I spent a lot of time on chat attempting to get this issue resolved, and I was assured by the representative, "Kelly," that it would be. The chat ended in me being told to call someone else. I called the someone else, "Brian," who seemed like he cared and genuinely wanted to help. He even knew what my issue was before I even stated it; that tells you something about this promotion...

After spending almost an hour on the phone with "Brian," I was told that my claim had been submitted and that I would hear back from him on Saturday (I had called on Wednesday). THREE Saturdays have come and gone and I still have not heard back from "Brian" or anyone else at Verizon. I was truly hopeful that this would have been the only contact I would have to make. Silly me. Absolutely NOTHING with Verizon customer service is ever easy. I have wasted so many hours trying to get different issues resolved.

Please, Verizon, honor your promotional offer. I would never pay that much money for a phone. I was so excited to finally have a great offer from Verizon for existing customers. However, I knew it was going to be a hassle to complete the transaction, and here we are. I have started researching other carrier options. After almost 18 years of loyalty to Verizon, I am tired.

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Hi, I just want to share my similar experience with the same 579.99 trade in promotion for the iphone 12. I purchased the phone online and returned the phone in Jan 2021, and I have just gotten it resolved today. The trade in submission status said they have my phone in Jan 2021, but nothing happened since then and I have not received any credit on my bill.

The first time I called, they said wait. One month later, I called the second time, they open an escalation ticket for me an told me to wait (again). One month later, I called the third time, this time the rep said the ticket was still open and someone will contact me, so again wait!

 I was doing some googling and finally found a number on this forum 800-416-8894. I'm not sure if this is some special number or I was lucky to find a good rep, and after a long hold, he was able to issue the credit to my account!

Keep calling, and don't give up! (i feel like that what they want you to do)