Enthusiast - Level 1

Back in January I ported my AT&T number over to Verizon and took advantage of a trade-in offer where I was supposed to receive an $800 credit for my iPhone 11 128GB. As soon as I received the shipping label I promptly packaged the phone up, double boxed with it's original box, and dropped it off at the UPS store.

According to UPS tracking it was delivered 5 days later so I assumed all was well.

Fast forward to today (March 29) I receive an email that my trade-in credit has been removed and instead of my credit I actually OWE fees to Verizon now.

I've been unable to reach a human being on the phone and now have been trying to chat with someone for close to an hour with not a single hint of progress on the issue.

In the meantime while waiting up to 10 minutes between chat responses I've since googled this issue and it seems like I am not alone. This means Verizon is either incompetent or deceptive.

Verizon, you have two choices. Fix this and apply my credit as agreed when I signed up for your service, or, return my phone to me in the condition I provided it. Otherwise I fully intend to contact the Pennsylvania attorney generals office to file a legal complaint.