Talk to someone who can actually fix my problem.
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I’m so tired of calling Verizon every other day. I switched to Verizon in September 2020. The employee at the time forgot to add international plan on one of my line. So I was getting charged for each minute international calling. And my bill came up to 5000$ after calling Verizon and struggling to get that back I was finally able to get that credited back in January 2021. Throughout I been getting reconnecting fee every month. I been calling and asking them to cancel and get different answer everytime. This time I got charged 40$ Reconnecting fee for each of my 4 lines. I called on feb 9 and the associate said she will request the credit back. And my bill still shows same till today. So I call them again and she said it’s been declined. So I called back again the next person said it’s still pending. Idk who to believe anymore. They all just trying to waste their hours instead of actually helping customers. Overall this have been worst customer experience of my live. And Verizon customer have beeen the worstt!!!

Re: Talk to someone who can actually fix my problem.
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Hello, Itsme77. I am sorry you have been having issues getting a straight answer. I am sure I can get you situated right here. Let's figure out what happened with your reconnection fees.  Please send us a Private Note and we can head to your account.