Temporarily turn off call filter
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I like not even hearing that some Spammer has called me.  But, some times I expect calls from organizations who tell me they won’t send Caller ID or have more different numbers than I can put into my Contact list.

How can I turn off Call Filter for an hour or so allowing me to get this important call?

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Re: Temporarily turn off call filter
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Hello Jsch10463a,


I use Call Filter myself, so I know what you mean. It works well, so it will block suspicious calls. Here's a link with answers about Call Filter: http://spr.ly/6608GTe0G I recommend opening the app, and tapping on "Spam filter on." You will get to a screen that allows you to turn off the Spam Filter. Once you get the call you're waiting for, you can turn the Spam Filter back on. I hope that helps.