Terms and Conditions
Enthusiast - Level 1

I have tried to order 3 phones and am encountering this same problem.  I have attempted to "accept terms and conditions" via email access from 3 different browers on my computer (after clearing cache history), from email access on my phone, from the Verizon App and via the phone number provided from the site.  NONE of these work.  Even worse, I've attempted to do this with with Verizon Customer assistants on the phone .  Not one of them admitted that this is an ongoing issue with Verizon - I see  from review of the message histories that it dates back to at least 2014.  Now my phones are locked up in "order" status but I am unable to complete the order until I accept the terms and conditions.  Additionally, I cannot yet go to AT&T and switch providers because they cannot accept my return phones until Verizon unlocks them.  I am prepared to go to my congressional rep's office and walk them through this nightmare.   Their employees get paid to play these games with us and forget that this is precious time to customers.