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Terrible Coverage!
Enthusiast - Level 2

Verizon is obviously slipping! I'm tired of missing calls, dropped calls, people not getting my texts oh and my favorite part is, when my husband deployed, we payed off our post pay account and I switched to prepaid because financially speaking it made no sense for me to pay over $140 for 2 lines. I barely even use my phone! Well I switched back and boy that was a big mistake! I barely ever hit my 4GB data allowance mark on Prepaid. Now that I'm on post pay I'm barreling through 15GB like its nobodies buisness! I do not use my phone any differently than when I was on prepaid! 


IM DONE PAYING WHAT I DO TO HAVE 2 BARS AT ALL TIMES WHEN I LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF PORTLAND, OREGON! And I'm done paying your ridiculous monthly bill just so you can RIP me off. I'm going to meet with my Attorney! It's time someone puts Verizon in their place! 

Dont bite the hand that feeds you! 

And do not insult my intelligence with a scripted reply! 

Re: Terrible Coverage!
Specialist - Level 1

Postpaid and prepaid don't magically change how data is calculated. If things were to magically change, data use on data and WiFi would be different and that isn't the case. 


Do you think you are the only customer? Portland is huge and Verizon has millions of subscribers. That's a lot of traffic on those towers, lots of network overhauling is beginning as of 2019.


As for legal threats, I'm sure that's going to cause eye rolls. No one that deals with customers that pull that card take it seriously. Attorney fees are far more than the $140 that was allegedly why you switched to prepaid in the first place. Switch to another carrier instead instead of these theatrics.

Re: Terrible Coverage!
Enthusiast - Level 2

Since you were so concerned with what I had to say let me explain the outcome to you.....
After writing my post I was contacted by Verizon who offered to let me out of my contract early whilst waiving all fees and letting me keep my device that still has over $600.00 owed on it. But I took the second option of them crediting my account for 6 months worth of paid bills. See I may not be the only person in Portland, but I am a person in Portland who doesnt put up with anyone's garbage! I dont sit back and dump money into companies who do not provide the service they promised to provide. So while other people may choose to continue to pay and hover in a corner too scared and too ill informed to speak up for themselves, I'm not having it!
Now since your so concerned with what I've got going on, let me give you a little more information:

I'm a member of the IDA where me and other members are on a mission to protect and preserve the night sky and we are currently working to bring an official Dark Park here to Oregon.

I love animals and volunteer every Summer with Fences for Fido where I help build fences for families who keep their dogs tethered and in small enclosures and otherwise wouldn't be able to afford these fences. Thus providing both their Furbabies and them with a better life! Along with my time, I regularly donate my money because the organization also provides Vet Care for animals in major need!

I am apart of Amnesty international
working to protect people and fight for freedom and human rights all over the world! Whether it be donating my money or my time writing letters in defense of Evelyn Hernandez, for example, who lives in El Salvador where they have the strictest anti-abortion laws in the world and woman are jailed for years for simply having a miscarriage that they could not have controlled! Evelyn who was raped by a gang member and then miscarried was cleared on abortion charges and is now being charged with aggravated homicide and faces 30 years in prison!

So the next time you want to get on the internet at 7:50 in the morning and mind somebody elses business, how about you mind someone's business who needs you to such as Evelyn Hernandez!
If not that, how about take some of the time you wasted on worrying about my life and volunteer for a cause that could really use it; in turn bringing some ACTUAL MEANING to your own life or somebody elses!



Takes a bow for her theatrics, blows a kiss to all of her fans. 


Curtains close. 


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