Terrible Experience in Store at 8646 Highway 72 W, Madison, AL 35758
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My experience switching over to Verizon so far has been absolutely terrible.  The sales associates at the store promised us pricing on products and did not provide us any documentation at the time (no receipts, no contact, nothing!).  This would have been super nice to have to see that what we were told absolutely was a lie at the time!  I found the documents they "signed" for us simply had a horizontal line drawn in place of our signatures once I was finally able to get on My Verizon.  This took multiple days and phone calls to customer service to even get one.  Additionally, I also found the pricing on products and promotions we were told were not at all correct on our bill.  Again, I have spent multiple days and phone calls with customer service to get this corrected - and it's not 100% fixed yet (I'll be spending this evening again calling customer service to hopefully get our bill corrected).

Additionally, we had asked about phone protection plans - and were told the ONLY one was $17.00/month/phone.  Seemed like a lot - but did it anyways to start.  I was furious when I found the option on the My Verizon website of all of the different coverage options (some at a much lower price as well).  I have already changed our coverage plan - but wasted $30 in the delay of getting on My Verizon.

Another point was that the sales guy said we would get a $200 gift card/line and that would be sent to us without us having to do anything.  I found what it appears he was talking about on My Verizon today - not a gift card, a rebate.  A rebate we had to sign up for (which I did in time thankfully)!

Verizon, I hope your take away is that my experience was terrible as a new customer at the 8646 Highway 72 W, Madison, AL 35758 store.  I feel like your sales team are a bunch of crooks and liars there who truly do not care about their customers.  All of this has been a pain so far and I'm regretting switching at this point.